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Our Products

PAL-01 Mad Dogs with Guns

Mad Dogs With Guns is a miniatures game set in the “Roaring Twenties”—the wide-open era of Prohibition, Tommy Guns and concrete overshoes. It’s about mad-dog mobsters, crooked cops, and the kind of liquor that can send you blind for weeks. It’s about fast cars and faster women, paid-off politicians and basement breweries, private eyes and public enemies. But mostly it’s about men with silk suits, snap-brim fedoras and automatic weapons, quarrelling violently.

You get more with a smile and a gun than you do with a smile.
—Attributed to Al Capone

PAL-02 Eat Hitler - the Nazi Taste Treat

APRIL 1945. BERLIN. Things aren’t going well for the Third Reich. Mistakes have been made. Plans have miscarried. The Russians are close, very close, and they seem uncharitable in their intentions. Luckily, Nazi scientists have been working on important developments. Not practical new weapons or even the zombies, werewolves and robots. No, they’ve got the time machine set up. In the bunker, next to the ersatz-coffee machine.

It’s a brilliant scheme. Knowing what he knows now, Adolph Hitler will travel back to 1933 and get Everything Right This Time. He’ll take Bormann, and Eva Braun and Blondi the dog. There’s no room for Himmler, no matter how much he whines. It’s not a very big machine.

Ach! Dummköpfe!” screams the Fuhrer. “Dies ist nicht Berlin in 1933! Das ist kein Brandenburger Tor!

(“This is not Berlin in 1933. That is not the Brandenburger Gate!”) Eva Braun knew that her sweetie was right about this, although she could not have told you that the big thing in front of her was known as a brachiosaurus...