Volunteer to Run a Game

We are now accepting event submissions. The deadline for submitting event proposals is 24 July in order to be in the program book.

We are looking for gaming events of all sorts: RPGs, boardgames, miniatures, live action roleplay, collectible miniatures, card games, and others.

And of all genres: historical, sci-fi, fantasy, horror...

Any game you would like to run? We'd love to hear from you!

As a token of our appreciation all Game Masters who run 36 player hours of games (i.e. 6 players for 6 hours, etc) will receive a complimentary 4-day pass to CelestiCon.

If we cannot fit your event into the schedule you may register at the preregistration rate that was in effect the day you submitted your event.

When: Labor Day Weekend (Aug 31 - Sep 3, 2012)
Where: Fremont Marriott, Fremont, CA

To make your proposal online, use the following form:

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